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6.9 €

Padron peppers

Some bite and others don't.

9 €

Cantabrian anchovy fillets

With assorted olives (4 Units).

6 €

Spicy potatoes

With hot sauce, all i oli and paprika oil.

6.9 €

Russian salad

SIN_GLUTEN HUEVOS With tuna, grated egg and trout caviar.

8.9 €

Marinated Chicken Wings

SOJA With Korean sauce.

6.3 €

Meat filled bomb


7.9 €

Crispy pork belly

RECOMENDADO With Asian onion dressing.

16.9 €

Low Temperature Egg

SIN_GLUTEN HUEVOS With Mushrooms sautéed with Iberico Ham on Parmentier and Parmesan

11.5 €

Butifarra De Pagés Grilled

With citronella and citrus all i oli.

8.6 €

Chicken Sticks

Crispy with Teriyaki Sauce.

7.9 €

Eggplant chips

Crunchy with cane honey and citrus aroma.

3.9 €

Folgueroles Bread Coca

SIN_GLUTEN Grilled toast with tomato and olive oil.

16 €

Acorn-fed Iberian ham

(60 gr.)

9.5 €

Manchego cheese

With fig jam, walnuts and curry toast.

14 €

Buffala salad

with textures of tomato, olives and basil oil.

11.5 €

Ventresca salad

Tuna with Seasonal Tomatoes, Onion, Olives and Coriander Aroma

16 €

Mixed Mushroom Rissoto

LACTEOS with Crispy Parmesan and Fresh Grilled foie

11 €


Filled with roasted apple, avocado, brie, spinach, balsamic oil of modena and sesame.

16.5 €

Salmon Tartar

RECOMENDADO SOJA PESCADO Norwegian Salmon Tartar with Avocado, Mango and Trout Caviar

18.9 €

Red tuna tartare

Fresh with avocado, tomato, sesame, grapes and curry toast.

19.9 €

Grilled octopus

With creamy truffled potato and paprika oil with the aroma of rosemary.

16 €

Confit pork ribs

With Japanese barbecue sauce and tomato jam.

18 €

Iberian prey

Grilled with PX reduction and its garnish.

14.9 €

Grilled chicken

With rosemary oil, candied garlic and potatoes.

21.5 €

Beef tagliatta

Grilled with potato and padrón peppers.

14.9 €


With cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce, confit onion and potatoes on bread with cereals.

19.9 €

Beef sirloin steak tartare

With old mustard ice cream and potato chips.